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PacificPlex Apparel E-Blast Design Email Blast for PacificPlex to promote their Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales. In order to convey the beauty of the elegant dresses, I designed the E-blast to follow the contour of the dress and to help the dresses pop out from the backgrounds. DETAILS IN THE DESIGN E-Blast Design Embossed Background combined with Floral Design Contour dress blended into background Grid Designed Background Red dress pops against white embossed background


Minnesota-based designer/artist that is  in constant motion. I build things, I create things, and by bringing together certain elements to create one singular design or inspiration gives me a sense of self empowerment and value.


Full time motorcycle, Part-time classic car enthusiast and lover of all things carpentry. I seem to always be tinkering and working on one thing or another.